‘…much too far out all my life/And not waving but drowning’


I probably have been much too far out all my life, but only intermittently waving and really not drowning. I can do gardening and drumming and work with words, and more or less fit into the wine business.


It's pretty much all there in Firstly. Country mouse; town mouse manqué along with a pile of other near misses; procrastinator and machine-breaker.

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Gardening tools on an allotment


I worked on and off for seventeen years at the Annes Grove estate in Co Cork, Ireland, while it remained in private hands, and miss it.

Wisdom from the London Wine Fair


I am a wine-merchant-of-all-trades: tasting, buying, selling on- and off-line through many vintages, chiefly at Cork city business Bubble Brothers.

Pendant lamps in a shop window


I've had a variety of jobs that have involved writing. I think I'm quite good at it but the world is like, whatever.

Pair of drumsticks


I play the drums, swing family mostly. I've had a lot of luck in who I've played with, and a lot of fun, for a non-musician.

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