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Stop press: a few snapshots

They said...

Julian...soon built up a reputation for reliability and attention to detail...combined with...unfailing creativity...possesses a natural way with words and is both creatively gifted and professionally disciplined, traits which, as any editor will unfortunately tell you, do not often go hand in hand.

Iseult Larkin, Deputy Editor at LivingSocial

a bank of skills and intellect that would be an asset to any company...hugely popular with colleagues and customers...His writing is also of the highest quality, sharp, intelligent and accessible with a signature of sharp wit and deft humour.

Michael Kane, Owner, Founder & Chief Taster at Curious Wines

Right now

I manage the online activities of Cork city wine merchants Bubble Brothers: supervising social media accounts; writing and amending product descriptions in the best interests of both customers and SEO; writing, researching, enabling and sending newsletters; improving, updating and repairing the Magento site; and, occasionally, actually selling wine to people. I'm also in charge of customer and supplier service: managing stock, orders, deliveries and shipping and the enquiries and record-keeping that go with the job.

Annes Grove

I did what I could for the gardens of Annes Grove, Co. Cork, and worked there as often as circumstances permitted from 1999 on. The transfer of the property to the state, and of its care to the Office of Public Works, brought an end to my efforts.

Press articles were rather scarce to begin with, but there will be plenty written as the OPW's interpretation of the estate gradually admits visitors. I may add an occasional link to the list here.

I play drums too.

But that's a whole nother story.

If you'd like to hear that one, or any of the others, scroll down and drop me a line.

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