‘…much too far out all my life/And not waving but drowning’


I probably have been much too far out all my life, but only intermittently waving and really not drowning. I can do gardening and drumming and work with words, and more or less fit into the wine business.


It's pretty much all there in Firstly. Country mouse; town mouse manqué along with a pile of other near misses; procrastinator and machine-breaker.

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Orange poppy


I worked on and off for seventeen years at Annes Grove estate in Co Cork, Ireland, while it remained in private hands, and miss it.

Wisdom from the London Wine Fair


I am a wine-merchant-of-all-trades: tasting, buying, selling on- and off-line through many vintages, chiefly at Cork city business Bubble Brothers.

Pendant lamps in a shop window


I've had a variety of jobs that have involved writing. I think I'm quite good at it but the world is like, whatever.

Pair of drumsticks


I play the drums, swing family mostly. I've had a lot of luck in who I've played with, and a lot of fun, for a non-musician.

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